Q:     When are new Bengal Tales comics published?

A:     Bengal Tales is published every Sunday at or around 12 AM Eastern Time.  In addition, bonus artwork and strips may be posted during the week between updates.  Check back often!


Q: How would you rate Bengal Tales by the MPAA’s standards?

A: Bengal Tales would be rated PG or PG-13 for mature themes like alcohol use (J.J. and A.J. like their craft beer!) and for rare instances of mature language.


Q: Why is the comic called Bengal Tales?  Liana is a Bengal Cat, but isn’t J.J. a Siberian Tiger?

A: J.J. is a white Bengal Tiger.  Siberian Tigers are now called Amur Tigers as their range has been reduced to the area around the Amur River between Russia and China.  There has never been a recorded instance of a white Siberian (Amur) Tiger in the wild.  All naturally-occurring White Tigers are Bengal Tigers.  The chance that a Bengal Tiger will be white is small due to the rarity of the recessive gene that causes it.  J.J.’s  maternal Great Uncle was a white Bengal Tiger and it may be assumed that the gene exists in his father’s side of the family as well.


Q: Is Bengal Tales autobiographical or based on actual people?

A: Some of the characters in Bengal Tales are based on friends and family, while still others are comical exaggerations of specific character types anyone who’s ever worked a job knows.  All the events depicted in Bengal Tales are fictitious, though some take place at real locations and events, i.e. the Cincinnati Oktoberfest.


Q: Why is Bengal Tales based in Cincinnati?  Do you live there or near there?

A: Bengal Tales is based in Cincinnati because that’s where the characters live.  I happen to love the area and decided to set my web comic there.  Besides, who else would the characters root for but the Bengals?


Q: Do you accept commissions?

A: At this time, I do not.  I work a full-time job and getting the comic up every week takes a great deal of my time.  Once the strip has been going for a while this may change but it won’t be anytime soon.


Q: How do you feel about fan art or the use of your characters?

A: I would prefer that my characters not be used in fan art.  As previously stated, some characters are based on friends and family and I choose not to open my characters up to Rule 34.  All characters depicted in this web comic are copyrighted by me (with one exception, as otherwise noted), so please do not use my characters in any works intended for publication or public display.


Q: Can you draw me into your comic?

A: If you’d like to be an extra in a Bengal Tales comic drop me an email.  Tell me what kind of animal you’d like to be drawn as and I’ll see what I can do.  If you want to include a picture feel free, but your drawn character may not bear any marked resemblance to your actual appearance.  Also be aware that your character would be a one- time cameo as there are a lot of characters in Bengal Tales, and they all like their on-panel time.


Q: Do you have a Facebook page?

A: Yes I do.


Q: How do you get Bengal Tales from your imagination to the web?

A: Every episode of Bengal Tales starts with an initial idea.  Sometimes I script the dialog between characters but often I have a pretty good idea of how the finished comic is going to look before I rough-sketch it.  I’ll first draw a rough sketch of the basic idea I have for the panel but that’s the only pencil and paper work I do.  The rough sketch is then scanned and saved to my hard drive.  I use an Ugee tablet and Autodesk Sketchbook to clean up the rough sketch, rearrange characters’ positions (if necessary) color and add the dialog balloons.  I work on one panel at a time then fit them together to form the completed comic.