Just what the heck is this comic about, anyway?

As the title implies, Bengal Tales is a story of two Bengals: a White Bengal Tiger and a Bengal Cat. The story opens with a focus on our male protagonist, J.J. Holliday, as at the beginning of the story he has not yet met our female protagonist, Liana Ivanova.

The narrative is loosely framed within the setting of Cincinnati Software Solutions and in the beginning focuses on the dynamic between J.J. and his best friend A.J. Forrest, who he has known since they were hired. The reason for this is to provide background for the story to come. As the story progresses its focus will shift to the developing relationship between J.J. and Liana, with a few dramatic plot points in between. As the story evolves it may expand to explore the back stories of other characters, depending on the feedback I receive. If there is sufficient interest in any particular character the story is flexible enough to accommodate side stories.

As of now, the story is open-ended and really has no end. There are several key plot points that will occur over the next few years but at this time I’ve no definite end in mind. I’m drawing this comic as a fun pastime and will continue as long as I enjoy doing it. I’m not in this for money or to make social commentary so my stories won’t be dragged down by controversy or politics. As we go forward the story may shift focus to other characters depending on feedback and reader opinion. Nothing is carved in stone and I’d be receptive to readers’ suggestions.

It’s been brought to my attention that some readers may not understand what’s happening in the current story arc. J.J. has been reunited with his estranged second cousin, who he has not seen in thirteen years. They were very close growing up but were separated when they were twelve by a rift in the family. The next few comics will chronicle their re-acquaintance and the resolution of some issues stemming from their separation. Once this story arc concludes it will merge back into the main story of J.J., Liana and A.J. I hope this clears everything up, but if anything is still unclear please contact me and I’ll try to set things straight.

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